THE MYSTERY MOTEL #223 – 11.01.18.

THE MYSTERY MOTEL MID-TERMS SPECIAL       MAXINE WATSON: “So we’re saying  Big Fossil Fuel spending  $30 plus million trying to defeat  I-1631, makes it the most expensive election in WA history.” PHIL THE JANITOR: “We’ll yeh. Dirty Fossil Fuel knows… Read More

Stress Less With KTRT And Twig!

It’s been a tough time around here. With the fires and the smoke, it’s easy to say that times have been stressful. But our neighbor at Twispworks, Twig, wants to help out.   Take time to take care of yourself! And be… Read More

Thursday, August 23 Fire Report

Hey, y’all. The fires are still going, so remember to be safe, be kind and stay tuned. We will continue to bring you the updates when they come in. There’s some audio below for our out-of-valley friends.   Take care, and stay… Read More

Crescent Mountain August 9 Updates

Howdy, friends. We’ve got some news for you. Take a listen, take care of yourself, and take care of your neighbors. Okay, now for the news: We’ve got 3 segments from earlier today. Public Information Official Connie Mehmel sat down with KTRT… Read More

THE MYSTERY MOTEL #215 – 08.02.18.

GILBERT LOOKING DOWN FROM THE  FIRE CLOUDS UP ABOVE TWISP RIVER WA  08.01.18.       MAXINE WATSON: “Saying that the lack of meaningful action to combat climate change is down to human nature is a falsehood. It is more because our… Read More

THE MYSTERY MOTEL #212 – 06.07.18.

THE CLASS OF 2018       EDWARD ZARGASETERLEY JONES: “And whilst we are perhaps bound to consider the highly negative impacts of the neoliberal orthodoxy, in terms of making public education do far more with far less resources,  our hearty congratulations… Read More

THE MYSTERY MOTEL #211 – 05.24.18.

THE ONE EXPLORING THE ORIGINS OF THE DEEPER SHADES OF PURPLE       PHIL THE JANITOR: “Well I mean come on like. The billionaire owners of the NFL have basically caved into to bullying by President Trump and Vice-President Pence.”

THE MYSTERY MOTEL #210 – 05.17.18.

HEATHERS AND FLASH FLOOD WARNINGS       MAXINE WATSON: “The Liberty Bell Drama Company students do a tremendous job in what—given the recurrence of school shootings and the teenage student led protests for saner gun laws—is a very current and pertinent… Read More