THE MYSTERY MOTEL #242 – 07.18.19.

THE MYSTERY MOTEL GOES TO ‘COMPOST HEAP IV’ MUSIC FESTIVAL       ANNABEL MYSTERY WATSON: “Yeh but it weren’t like a compost heap you know, it wer music, cos I know about compost heaps. Like where you put all the bits of… Read More

THE MYSTERY MOTEL #215 – 08.02.18.

GILBERT LOOKING DOWN FROM THE  FIRE CLOUDS UP ABOVE TWISP RIVER WA  08.01.18.       MAXINE WATSON: “Saying that the lack of meaningful action to combat climate change is down to human nature is a falsehood. It is more because our… Read More

THE MYSTERY MOTEL #212 – 06.07.18.

THE CLASS OF 2018       EDWARD ZARGASETERLEY JONES: “And whilst we are perhaps bound to consider the highly negative impacts of the neoliberal orthodoxy, in terms of making public education do far more with far less resources,  our hearty congratulations… Read More

THE MYSTERY MOTEL #211 – 05.24.18.

THE ONE EXPLORING THE ORIGINS OF THE DEEPER SHADES OF PURPLE       PHIL THE JANITOR: “Well I mean come on like. The billionaire owners of the NFL have basically caved into to bullying by President Trump and Vice-President Pence.”

THE MYSTERY MOTEL #210 – 05.17.18.

HEATHERS AND FLASH FLOOD WARNINGS       MAXINE WATSON: “The Liberty Bell Drama Company students do a tremendous job in what—given the recurrence of school shootings and the teenage student led protests for saner gun laws—is a very current and pertinent… Read More

THE MYSTERY MOTEL #202 – 02.15.18.

GOP GROUP-THINK AND THE REP REPRESENTATIVES WHO DO NOT REPRESENT         ANNABEL MYSTERY WATSON: ” You mean he’s like one of Bad Clown Creepy’s friends … like there’s a whole load of Bad Clown Creepy clowns?”

THE MYSTERY MOTEL #198 – 01.04.18.

IN THE LAZY NEW YEAR-OUS-NESS WHERE ANNABEL INVENTS THE CONCEPT OF A NEW YEAR’S REVOLUTION KIND OF RESOLUTION       ANNABEL MYSTERY WATSON: “Yeh but how can you have a Snow Flame, cos snow it’s like water it don’t set on… Read More