How Dj Joepop Got His Groove Back

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You can exhale. I’m doing fine and getting my groove on in our new “temporary” studio here at TwispWorks. Temporary? As if moving a radio station once isn’t enough. Right? (Danica, I’ve used the word) Yes, we’re currently located in the Gateway… Read More

Olympic Update With Nordic Ultratune

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The thrill of agony and the victory…wait? That doesn’t sound right. How does that ABC Sports intro go again? It was the BEST television an orchardists son could get outside of Yakima or Yakama if you are rightfully acknowledging the indigenous people.… Read More

The Yule Log: Christmas Radio Insanity

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Most folks have one in their town–a radio station that switches from soft rock to all-Christmas-all-the-effing-time radio. Here in the valley we are spared this seasonal phenomena. I feel fortunate to have KTRT the Root, a world-centered,rockabilly-hippy-blues, locally owned and operated radio… Read More


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For those of you on Methow time, I come bearing bad news. Brooklyn has lost one of its fine sons. The legendary Lou Reed, the artist, died Sunday in his home on Long Island after complications due to liver disease. He was… Read More


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So in the hunt for this mysterious genre I’ve been rattling around, I can’t avoid the burlesque elements within this style. Of this missing genre, there is an unmistakeable air of showmanship that brings vaudeville, sideshows and burlesque to mind. Perhaps it… Read More

Altering Perceptions Via Country

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I’m just going to say it because there’s no way around it: I despise country music. Country music is that cousin you got drunk with when you were 16 and have since semi-accidentally forgotten to invite to Christmas ever since. Country music… Read More

KTRT Founder’s Card!

Hey everyone – Dep here. Lot’s has happened since my last post on August 28th. Mother Nature struck us down and we are off the air completely at the moment. What the…? Well, our little station is not gonna back down and… Read More

The Crash Of 2013.

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Well folks the weeks around the Crash of 2013 have been filled with anxiety, brainstorming, flurried keyboard activity, messages, emails and Google searches. Not to mention much gnashing of teeth. To tell the truth, a couple of weeks before KTRT disappeared, I… Read More

Vitamin Root: Mind And Body

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So we all survived the weary days between hearing Dep’s melodious voice in our earholes. Congrats. We’ve earned a medal or something of equal or greater value. How bout some music? Sometimes when we suffer the lack of something as dear to… Read More