August 8 Crescent Mountain And Gilbert Fires Update

August 8 update of the Crescent Mountain and Gilbert Fire map

Here is the most current info we have on the Crescent fire, burning up the Twisp river drainage  aprox. 15 mi. from Twisp.

It is about 3 mi. from the first structure it could impact.

First, there will be another community info mtg, 6:30 tonite (Wed) at the Twisp Comm Ctr, @ 6:30pm  


They were able to get an infrared flight over last nite, our new total acreage burned – 11,262 acres 

The fire grew both to the north east actually getting to the Gilbert Fire start area, the fire got as far as Abernathy Ridge.

There was also growth in the south east, going up to the War Creek Ridge.

there was a back burn defensive action there at war creek, where they’ve been working on a line to tie together 2 natural rocky barriers. That work should be done today, (Wed).- but as I was saying, the back burn was successful at slowing growth there AND, it played a part in saving Horse Camp,  S Creek and the bridges- YAY, there was some back burning that went on there as well but good news for now w/ those structures.

The fire also continues down the Twisp River drainage 

making the fire aprox. 3 mi from the first structures it may encounter. and 15 mi from Twisp.

There has been a large influx of man power (462/137 total) and that includes a contingent from NZ & Australia. and heavy metal.

Work continues on ingress and egress routes, widening and preparing for holding positions at the following roads:

Little Bridge Creek, Buttermilk, Thompson Ridge, & War Creek.

Work is also being done assessing and preparing for structure protection in the Twisp River drainage.

There is currently a level 2 evacuation notice for residents above the road closure at the intersection of Buttermilk Road and Twisp River Road. 

Level 2 means prepare now to go should the evacuation level be elevated to a level 3. 

With hot predicted weather, the fire is expected to continue to move eastward and could result in an elevation to a level 3 for upper Twisp River Residents in the near future. 

Reminder, there’s a public info mtg at the Comm. Car tonite (Wed) @ 6:30

Don Ashford KTRT FM

8/8/18 08:00


Bonus MP3 on how the fire teams work together with PIO in training, Jack West.