THE MYSTERY MOTEL #188 – 09.07.17.

EDWARD ZARGASTERLEY JONES: Well the west is on fire and we’ve been under a blanket of smoke for most of the last six weeks. Houston had record-breaking rain-fall and flooding devastation, not to mention a swath of toxic chemicals unleashed. Hurricane Irma is pummeling the Caribbean and heading for  the President’s Mar-aLargo golf resort and he still thinks it ‘s a Chinese hoax?

MAXINE WATSON: He doesn’t think it’s a hoax. He, they, the Corpocracy are loving this. Big disasters mean big bucks for his pals in Infrastructure Inc.

PHIL THE JANITOR: And remember he is trying to do away with regulations making construction on flood plains observe any semblance of flood planning.

ANNABEL WATSON: Yeh! Well he Bad Clown Creepy … well listener … he … being … we’ll he bad … that’s why he called Bad Clown Creepy … yeh!

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