September 2017

THE MYSTERY MOTEL #191 – 09.28.17.

THE EPISODE WHERE WE REALIZED SGT PEPPER’S … “IT WAS TWENTY YEARS AGO TODAY,”  WAS ACTUALLY …         MISTER ZARGASTERLEY: … ‘Well from 1967 Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Heart’s Club Band … if you can believe that?” PHIL THE JANITOR:… Read More

THE MYSTERY MOTEL #189 – 09.14.17.

THE GRAVITY, TIME AND SPACE EPISODE AS VIEWED THROUGH THE MATRIX OF ROCK ‘N’ ROLL   DANBERT NOBACON: “Yes well Annabel is certainly on the ball tonight.” ANNABEL MYSTERY WATSON: “Yeh well What do you mean Mr Nobake? On a ball. I’don’t… Read More

THE MYSTERY MOTEL #188 – 09.07.17.

EDWARD ZARGASTERLEY JONES: Well the west is on fire and we’ve been under a blanket of smoke for most of the last six weeks. Houston had record-breaking rain-fall and flooding devastation, not to mention a swath of toxic chemicals unleashed. Hurricane Irma… Read More