We Are Working To Get You The Good News And Current Updates, But…

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253349_10150891996392993_1677591121_nWell, I quit going up to the fire camp, because  the media “breifings” they have every morning were little set ups to let any regional TV or radio station to record the same generic release.I have spent a lot of time with the crews, and these agencies are well aware that a local station is a great asset to them, the problem is they actually don’t release the kind of helpful info you’re wanting.What we really need is for someone up there to stick their neck out, do triage or go off record, give us breaking information as best they can determine. And you can help! Send us your pics of eyewitness news and verifiable stories… no second hand hearsay please.They aren’t going to do that. It’s like military, they go where they’re told, and do what they’re told so when there’s fall out, they know where up the chain to blame.And, they are SO aware of public criticism it ain’t funny. I’ve pulled every string I can and have some guys on the inside and I get some personal tidbits of info and some of those I can pass along. I’m doing the best I can, but I loathe the social media crush of emoted info, I have to try and be accurate.

The other thing right now is all the help I used to have are taking care of their own.

We are in this together.