Olympic Update With Nordic Ultratune

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The thrill of agony and the victory…wait? That doesn’t sound right. How does that ABC Sports intro go again? It was the BEST television an orchardists son could get outside of Yakima or Yakama if you are rightfully acknowledging the indigenous people. ABC sports catapulted me to other places in the world – a passport if you will – and allowed me to watch women and men compete at the highest levels in their sport. As we get closer to the Sochi Olympics in Russia, where human rights have been completely wiped away (A’hem – my gay sisters & brothers), I met with Mark Waechter of Nordic Ultratune to find out what’s happening with all of local skiers who are on their way to the Olympics or who are competing in Europe at the World Cup level. All of whom will experience the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat.