The Elusive Ghost Of A Genre

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It’s that month, folks. The spookiest month of the year. It’s that one which crawls up your back with a chill and haunts you. The wind shrivels up all the leaves and the mornings find us with a dark mist blanketed over the world.

And what music more fitting than a spooky little nameless genre? Oh good, I knew you’d think so, too.

Deputy Don and I had a great convo the other day where we, like philosophists or something, chit-chatted about this seemingly ghostlike genre of music. It defies all known perameters; or rather, it stretches and presses each name into obscurity.

Here’s a fine example.

This, as many Rootsters are aware, is Hazmat Modine performing on Russian television.

Based out of New York, this band is one of the obscure musical talents within this genre. What would you call it? Blues? Sure, they got that going for them. But also New Orleans Jazz, big band, the uppity beat that’s almost cajun, but it also possesses a dirgey hint and a flavor out of this country. Wikipedia calls them “blues/folk/world fusion/jazz” which is no genre title befitting of the exotic spectacle.

I even tried to solicit a little help from a few celebrities on the Twitters (to no avail). How do you feel about “ineffable oompah django dirge-abilly”?

Image quote


Okay. Maybe not.

For the next few weeks (at least until Halloween) we’ll be travelling hither and thither within the tributaries of this wild vein of music and hopefully, we can give a name to this enigmatic music. Let me know if you have any ideas of what this might be called. I’m all ears.

Get yer spooky tunes on, friends.