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So in the hunt for this mysterious genre I’ve been rattling around, I can’t avoid the burlesque elements within this style. Of this missing genre, there is an unmistakeable air of showmanship that brings vaudeville, sideshows and burlesque to mind. Perhaps it has to do with the dark sensual and mysterious stories within the lyrics, or perhaps it is the odd exoticism.

It’s not just the sensual velvety smooth voices that say “ooh la la” but also the clean combination of brass, strings and snare.

Take this fabulous woman, Clare Fader.

Clare Fader, along with the Vaudevillians, bring 1940’s jazz, samba, gypsy swing and storytelling into their songs.

Of the wild and wonderous cabaret/burlesque bands, Circus Contraption is surely at the top. Circus Contraption is a music collective which began in Seattle 15 years ago. The band performed “The Show To End All Shows” was their final act, ending in 2009. Last year in May, as some of you will remember, Circus Contraption lost two of its core members in the Cafe Racer shooting in Seattle.

Their music will continue, albeit it has become even more haunting than before.

Both haunting and humorous, the burlesque style shows the funny side of spooky.