Stop The Silence! Share The Root!!

Hey everyone, Dep here.

It’s clear that you “Give a Hoot! and you want to help “Grow the Root!” Many of you have donated more than $10,000 to help get your community radio station back on the air! Sara and I feel a lot of love right now. We were trying to figure out how we can keep the momentum going to reach our goal of $20,000 by October 1st and we’ve come up with an idea. I’ve posted a few of our Stop the Silence promos for the “Give a Hoot!” Campaign (see below).

We thought you could choose your favorite promo and then SHARE it on your Facebook page. Tell your followers that you “Give a Hoot!” and why they should “Give a Hoot!” too! They can become a KTRT Founder ($97.50) OR they can donate whatever they can ($10, $20, $50).

Oh! this brings up a good point that Sara and I want to make. When we say “Give a little or Give a lot!” we mean any level of support is accepted AND appreciated. Every little bit counts!

So here’s how this works. You see the promo’s below right? Click play and listen to all of them. Then, pick your favorite one and click on SHARE. You’ll see that little Facebook logo drop down. Just click on that and share the promo on your Facebook page. That’s it! Pretty cool, huh?

We’ll continue to keep you posted. Thanks for SHARING our goal to your friends.

Thank YOU for supporting KTRT 97.5 The Root! — Dep & Sara