KTRT Rocked The Pub!

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I’m singing “Bye, Bye, Miss American Pie” in my head as I write this. Yes, all 8 minutes and 33 seconds of it. With the bridge and a little extra inflection. Intensity. You know what I mean?
It’s been my most recent ear worm, burrowing deeply into my psyche, ever since the KTRT Fundraiser at the Twisp River Pub.
For those of you who did not attend the shindigaroonie we had on Friday it pains me to tell you that you missed a raucous night of shenanigans. But honestly, I’m not sure how many more folks could have squeezed into the venue.

It was a jam-packed night of music and entertainment. Danbert Nobacon (along with yours truly, Din) hosted the evening event and we showcased some of the many talents the DJ staff at KTRT had to offer.
Special K performed dance pieces, one stirring collective with our own Dakota from Curious Lightning, and mixed beats into the night. Danbert and the Woman in Black performed songs, as did Ramblin’ John and Okan Annie.
Tubthumping was performed. Spectacular.
Jack Mattingly and the Whiskey Fevers gave an hour of some of the funnest eclectic folk music for the second set. They took us into a time machine and we were all Space Cowboys for a brief moment. Or maybe gangsters of love…

And speaking of love…

The DJs and staff at our humble radio station wear many hats. We play music for you on the radio out of our shared passion and for art. The payment is intrinsic. In our other lives we are musicians (such as Ramblin’ John and Okan Annie) and dancers (like DJ Special K, also known as Kaarin) and firefighters (like DJ Bullfrog, Jeremiah) and farmers, husbands,wives, mothers,fathers, brothers, friends–all truly devoted to this community.
And it was the showing of the community’s support for this radio station that allows us to continue our passion for giving you great music.

Thank you, my fellow community members. We managed to reach our goal for our major fund drive last Friday at the benefit. I can’t begin to tell you how warm and fuzzy we all feel knowing that this station will return to the airwaves, live, in our new home at Twispworks.

Until then, please hang on and know that we will be back, bigger and bolder than ever in the months to come.

Rock on, friends.

Din Mutha’