Vitamin Root: Mind And Body

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So we all survived the weary days between hearing Dep’s melodious voice in our earholes. Congrats. We’ve earned a medal or something of equal or greater value. How bout some music?

Sometimes when we suffer the lack of something as dear to us as a radical radio station, we begin to question its importance in our lives. How often do you nuzzle the musical teat of the Root? Five, ten, forty hours a week?

Don’t worry. It’s good for you. Here are a few reasons that your untamed music habit is good for you.

Music takes control of your bodily functions.
Yes, Rootsters, Deputy Don and his band of musical merry DJ tricksters have been controlling your lung, heart, and brain function. Music is known to lower blood pressure when it has a slower beat, increase your heart function with peppy rock and jazz and the endorphins you release when you groove out actually increase your immune system!

Music also increases your brain function, y’all! It’s true, music activates both sides of your brain and enhances memory. It also aids in the processing of information (studying whilst rocking is good for you!).

Music also helps you heal.
Studies show that folks with neurological damage like Parkinson’s or those who have suffered from strokes have found promise in music. It triggers the neurons that translate music into movement and helps restore linguistic functions (it’ll help ya’ talk good).

Music is addictive like sex and drugs.
Mind=blown. Well, not really. But I was pretty impressed to discover that there’s scientific proof that the three are combined. In brain scan studies, researchers found that music kicks in the brain’s dopamine in the same way sex or drugs do. And further still, the brain also releases dopamine when you even anticipate music. If you’ve ever totally geeked out before a show in utter ecstasy, you’ll understand.

So this Vitamin Root is a real effing thing, folks. It’s here to increase your heart function, it’s here to up your brain and it’s here because you’re totally addicted.
It’s okay. You’re with friends. There’s hope for you yet.

Cue, rock-n-roll mega anthem.