What’s Wrong With K-Root & What’s So Very Right

K-Root was started with a vision of becoming a listener supported radio station serving the Methow Valley and beyond. We also built what we could “in house.” Getting an FM signal to a tower usually requires proximity between station and tower, but we needed to save money by having the studio above my pottery studio, many miles and around a few hills from the best transmission site – Mt. McClure.

Our engineer, Dov Ashford, envisioned and then built (with the help of Jeff Hardy of Methownet) a system to send our signal across a network of radios to the top of Mt. McClure solving the problem and saving money. By the way, this was not being done anywhere at the time.

The problem with this system, and the one that regular listeners are well aware of, was when tiny errors would accumulate in the stream causing audio dropouts. A buffer (delay) was built in where the stream could wait a bit and gather itself before moving along, but it would slowly become used up by unfixable errors and then would either stop the stream cold or hover. Bits would get through, but it would sound like a CD was skipping.

The Linux computers Dov built were AMAZING and ran continuously for 9 yeas without breakdown! Alas, machines conk out eventually and that’s what happened.

We are introducing and selling the KTRT Founder’s Card. Maybe some of you remember when you could become the Lone Ranger’s “Deputy” by sending in some of your pocket change. In return, you received a badge and other stuff that made it official.

The KTRT Collector’s Card is like becoming my official “Deputy.”

Thanks for sticking with us – we appreciate your support!