Ted Talks: Andrew Bird And His Restless Curiosity.

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Right. Ted Talk Tuesday! What? What’s that, you say? You say today is Wednesday?
Well, hell. Sorry about that.
But I am NOT sorry about this. This is Andrew Bird. Andrew Bird is a multi-talented dynamo that has had many gigs/bands/labels all featuring his magnificent grasp of the artistically odd.

In this performance, the TED audience gets to see how Andrew Bird uses his “restless curiosity” to develop songs and is relieved by the freedom of the songwriter.

My favorite part of this performance is when Andrew speaks between songs. He’s not simply standing there delivering a recited or rehearsed speech, but rather, he speaks slowly and sways while holding his violin. I recognized that sway. It’s the same motion that mothers and fathers everywhere use when they hold a baby. It’s a fluid and continual motion. I may be way off the buck here, but it seems like he’s holding his music as a baby–nuturing and calming.

Okay. Check it out.