Help Is On The Way… SeCRet LoCation #24!

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Weeelllll how’zit in the radio MIA Methow Valley? I guess you all noticed a bit of a rent in the fabric of radio waves available to catch here in the Valley. I noticed a big hole in my week. A hole kinda’ like the one you find in third world public restrooms. A space, normally filled with music, suddenly filled with the sounds of keyboards, inquiries about the Root and muttered cussing. Yep, it’s too sunny and cozy in a third world restroom.  Security software can’t keep that shit out.
Equipment and software has again foiled an otherwise great plan. So now we find ourselves a bit deficient in our Root vitamins and minerals. Well supplies from the virtual world have arrived and are now being distributed in the form of a podcast from the archives of the seCRet lOCation. Just put  this in your ears and you’ll keep the cold sweats at bay… seriously.
This is show #24 from back in the daze… August 2007 to be exact. It’s great listening, I had just returned from a trip and had brought back a really nice playlist. We’ll start with the first hour, 24A. The rest of the show, 24B and 24C will follow later. It takes a little bit to buffer and then play… be patient. It’s like a sailboat trip for your ears.
Enjoy and be ready, some big announcement, this way comes…
Miss you all, Y.