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It’s not the full moon yet, I know, but there is something in the air that makes its arrival tomorrow exciting. Dude, we are not just talking about a full moon, but this one’s a doozy. It’s a full moon, blue moon, full sturgeon moon, full red moon, green corn moon and grain moon. What the what?! That means this moon will be raising all of those stretching veggies all up in your garden with its magnetic goodness.

It also kind of makes me want to get up and dance.

“But Din!” you say,”slow your roll! Pump your breaks! It’s only Monday!”

The moon doesn’t really care about the business end of our lives.

Nope. Not one tittle. Not one scrap. Its inconsiderate waxing and waning doesn’t really give a fig for early-morning meetings or doctor appointments. It relentlessly keeps us up on nights before big days. And sometimes we should just g’head and let it happen.

So, I’m going to VJ (vid’yo jockey) a few tunes to get you up and shaking.

Let’s get it started. Amanda Palmer and the Grand Theft Orchestra from last year’s album “Theatre is Evil.”

Deeelish. And now for something completely different. This is a video for bof your eyes and your ears. I found it a few years back and it still mezmerizes…..Forget Ganham Style, this is Gumnaan Song. Jan Pehchan Ho.

Here’s some Vagabond Opera.

Now, a better VJ or DJ or something would offer a lovely flow to this thing. They’d, yanno, follow a character arc or send you on some kind of mystical journey. Uh, yeah, not going to happen here. Sorry. Here, have some Guana Batz. They’ll make you feel better.

Macklemore. Dance, people!

Erright. Let’s wrap this up, y’all.

Be good, people. You’ll have your precious radio back soon!

Here’s a little Pennywise.