Band Of The Week: Monophonics!

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Some weeks need a little more soul than t’others. Some weeks there are bands that offer a groove that you never knew you were deficient in. My friends, I have apparently been quite deficient in my vitamin funk.

Being deficient in nutrients such as funk can be rather detrimental to your soul.

New funk/soul bands are everywhere, but finding a good one that really rocks you is rare. About a decade ago I ran with a group of heathens known as the “Green Light District” based out of Spokane, WA. These funk super groups are hard to maintain, and yet the Monophonics have prevailed for the last seven years.

Here they are.

This funk band considers themselves a thriving psychedelic rock band with soul. They’ve played all over the West Coast and beyond, hitting up many of the bigger music festivals over the last two years.

What really had them reaching a broader tributary of the mainstream was this cover of Cher’s “Bang Bang” that came out on Monophonic’s 2012 cd “In Your Brain.” This is my favorite cover ever of this song (sorry, Nancy Sinatra).

If you like these fellas, you have a chance to them nearby! They play Summer Meltdown in Darrington on the 9th.