August 2013

The Crash Of 2013.

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Well folks the weeks around the Crash of 2013 have been filled with anxiety, brainstorming, flurried keyboard activity, messages, emails and Google searches. Not to mention much gnashing of teeth. To tell the truth, a couple of weeks before KTRT disappeared, I… Read More

Notes From The Cellar – Stop Screaming For Streaming

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In my humble, and obviously minority, opinion, “streaming” is yet another over-hyped, but under-useful, aspect of this “emperor-has-no-clothes” phenomenon I call the Internet Gadget Age.  It’s just another symptom that we are much too connected to the electronic teat (the Arbitron Inc.… Read More

Vitamin Root: Mind And Body

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So we all survived the weary days between hearing Dep’s melodious voice in our earholes. Congrats. We’ve earned a medal or something of equal or greater value. How bout some music? Sometimes when we suffer the lack of something as dear to… Read More

Notes From The Cellar–Intro

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Please do not read this. I do not wish to add more distraction to your day as there is already plenty to capture your attention and hold it captive to the candy-colored screen you hold in the palm of your hand while… Read More

The Newbie Gardner

Do you have some open space? Haven’t done so much gardening? Tess Hoke of Local98856 let’s The Dep know what he can plant now and helps the new gardener understand what they could do now and how to prepare for the next… Read More

The Jungle Effect

In this episode The Dep attempts to compliment Tess’ garden by calling it “…all jungle-like.” Tess calls it “The Jungle Effect.” That’s code for all of the possibilities. But like so many episodes The Dep takes it down a notch and wants… Read More

Water & Poop

The Dep and Tess Hoke confess it’s tough to keep up with their gardens. Poor kids, they’re such garden junkies. They do know, however, to keep that addiction alive they’re gonna need to keep things moist and fertilized. We’re talking about water… Read More