Ted Talk Tuesday – Amanda Palmer

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So, I’m gonna try to keep this short on my end, and give you a new TED talk every Tuesday. If you don’t like it, let me know–oh wait! I work for KTRT, the honeybadgers of the radio world, now! I CAN post TED talks!

Every Tuesday (okay, I’ll try).

This talk is given by Amanda Effing Palmer. She’s changing the way the world funds art. Whatzat? Who’s Amanda Palmer? Amanda Palmer, former singer/songwriter/pianist for the cabaret punk band the Dresden Dolls, has been in and around and through the underground music world for many a year with little hopes to make it to superfantasticmega stardom. Why? Because she makes her music and makes it available by donation on her website. But I’ll let her explain that.
She’s a phenomenal musician and showwoman. This video is of her playing at Symphony Hall. Now the normal musician would sit rigid and intense above the crowd. She has a blast and makes a real show of it (if you want to skip the Piano Concerto #1 and head to about three minutes in, you’ll get the gist of it). This is why you SHOULD NEVER TAKE YOUR CELLPHONE TO THE SYMPHONY!!

She also is a totally kickass rocker as well. Here is Leeds United from 2009–way back then.

Now you should have a bit of an idea of her scope (not to mention she’s married to one of the world’s greatest {in my humble opinion} contemporary writers, Neil Gaiman). This is her TED talk on how artists should ask for payment for their work. Take a look.