I Love Canadian Musicians

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It’s true. I have a love affair with Canadian musicians. As a matter of fact, I was recently sitting in the “adults only” wading pool along the Methow (that’s a river for those not in the know) with Canadian friends telling them how much I loved their fellow musicians. I mean, what in the hell is in the water up there anyway? The list of talent is endless: Jason Collett (a member of Broken Social Scene), The New Pornographers, Feist, Joni Mitchell, (I should have listed her first), Arcade Fire, Great Lake Swimmers, BRAIDS, Tegan & Sara (my ladies!), KT Tunstall (something about a black horse and a cherry tree), K.D. Lang, City and Colour aka Dallas Green (former guitarist and vocals for Alexisonfire and a dude I’d mess around with). I can now add Ain’t No Love which I’ll get to in a moment.

I didn’t get an immediate response from my Canadian friends. I think this is the kind of charming reserve you get when you talk about the greatness of Canadian musicians. They just know, but don’t need to brag about it. They usually shrug their shoulders a little and say, “Yeah, we’ve got some talented musicians.”

Canadians – gotta lov’em.

Canadian musicians don’t really brag about being from Canada either. Except for Joni Mitchell. She talks a lot about being from Saskatchewan. I think it’s because it sounds a little hick and it’s hard to spell for most on the first try. On the other hand, maybe my Canadian friends who were sitting in the wading pool were just a little preoccupied. I think Canadians can be aloof. That’s probably a huge generalization.

Two of my favorite videos at the moment come from, well, Canadian musicians.

Just released in anticipation of their forthcoming album Flourish // Perish is “In Kind” from the band BRAIDS. The video was beautifully directed by Angus Borsos. I love it.

For those of you who can remember the movie Breakin (you know who you are) “Fake Your Dreams” by the four-member group Ain’t No Love takes me way back stylistically. The group has been coined as “Renegade Pop” which sounds a little funny to me. Lady vocals by Saidah are lush and summery with great lyricism from rappers 1990 & Beanz. “Fake Your Dreams” is the kind of song you’d definitely have on your mix tape. Watch for them because they’re quickly making everyone’s list for 2013.