Din Mutha On KTRT!

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Heya, Rootsters!

So guess what? Y’all gots a blogger now. I know, I know, it’s pretty exciting. I’m pretty jazzed about it, too.

I’m Rose. Oh hai! On the derby track I’m known as “Brass Chuckles,” at home I’m known as “I’m hungry,” and in the blogosphere folks call me Din. Why Din? Great question, gentle reader. The Din Mutha came up last year when I realized that everything around me is loud. Whether it is the incessant cacophony emitted from my children or the raging chaos I create on my own, there is always some serious noise in my presence. Life’s music, people. It’s real.

Now I’m here blogging for “the Sound” of the Methow. KTRT not only brings some of the most diverse bits of music from all over the world to your eardrums, but it also defines the wild and crazy patchwork of humanity that resides in this fantastic little valley. Never, in all of my travels, have I met a community with such a wide range of music knowledge. And the coolest part about all of this is that it’s music that brings this community together.

Yes, friends, it’s all about the music; or perhaps, not the music but our reactions to music.  These reactions–to that song that we all know at a concert, that intro baseline, that one line that you are involuntarily forced to belt out whether you are in your car or in the grocery store–bring us joy and nostalgia or even the twang of pain and they can even make our hearts leap out of our chests in elation. These emotional responses make us human through our connections with art.

Connection through music. That’s kinda huge in the humanitsic sense of it all, isn’t it? I know. I hope we can chat about this kind of stuff more on this bloggy-type thing.

Right now “Summer” is totally trending on social networking sites. For most of the Methowians, this means nothing because you are too busy soaking alla this summer thing up into your vitamin-d backstock for the winter. Well done, you.

While on the floating down the river today this song wouldn’t leave my cranium (except for those moments when my tailbone was assaulted by almost every single Methow River boulder and I was writhing in agony and simultaneously glad that my ass was already icing).  Mungo Jerry and his USDA choice quality chops were “la-da-di-di-da”ing down the river with me.

It is my summer floating anthem.

I hope y’all enjoyed that. Me too. You’re welcome. We’ll see how this blog thing goes. If you have any music you want featured or a band or an event or a random thing that shouldbe mentioned, all ya have to do is lemme know (email/facebook/twitter/smoke-signal/what-have-you).

Summer on, Rootsters.