A “Heat Wave” Of Rhythm & Blues!

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It’s not actually a heat wave here in the Methow Valley, not like what they’re experiencing in other parts of the country. Take my friend Little Rob (affectionate name that goes way back). He lives in NYC and recently posted on his Facebook timeline: “Heat wave? More like heat tsunami. Today is the hottest with a forecast high of 99 in the city and over 100 in New Jersey.” So for all of our friends back east we’re sending out this gem of a song by Martha & The Vandellas. Hopefully it’ll get you through this week.

The heat wave in the Methow (and it gets hot here) signals an annual event in July that many of us here at The Root look forward to – the Winthrop Rhythm & Blues Festival now in it’s 26th year! It’s the largest blues festival in Washington state and the longest-running blues festival. “And that’s a fact jack!” Blues Festival lovers come from ALL over the world. It’s true. I’ve personally met people from Germany at the festival. I’ve also met people from Idaho! That’s a foreign country – right? At any rate, have a look at their documentary about the 2012 festival. We hope you’re having a great summer and near a cool river like we are…with a six pack. ~ DJ JoePop