A Few Songs From Tonight’s Show

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I aim to please my listeners. Here are a few songs on The Wednesday Evening Show.

Matrimony hails from Charlotte, NC as far as I can tell or read. Nice sound and the song “Last Love” just continues to play in my head. Their debut album, “Montibello Drive” came out last month. It was produced by Jay Joyce in Nashville. You can find them officially here.

The post-pop band, Typhoon, is based in PDX. Their forthcoming album, White Lighter, will be available soon and everything that I’ve been able to listen to is killer. At their smallest they are 11 members, but I’ve read they can grow in size. Point is, Typhoon is a collaborative effort and I dig that a lot. White Lighter was produced by Paul Laxer, Kyle Morton & Typhoon. You can find them officially here.

Gourplove’s song “Colours” really resonates with me for some reason. I don’t understand the lyrics, but I like the song and they’re often in my rotation. “Colours” was a bonus track from the five-member band’s September 2011 re-release album “Never Trust A Happy Song” produced by Ray Rabin. You can find them officially here. Their website is pretty cool.

Caribou released “Start Breaking My Heart” on July 3, 2006. From that album comes “People Eating Fruit.” Daniel Victor Snaith has also gone by Manitoba and Daphni in addition to Caribou. Going by Manitoba presented some legal problems at the time. Caribou is Canadian of course. Listeners know that I love Canadian musicians. He’s a percussionist and when he plays gigs he’s usually at this position with his current band. You can find him officially here. I also think that he’s “officially” hot.