July 2013

TED Talk Tuesday: Reggie Watts

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TED is known for its mind-blowing speeches, its reaffirmation of the humanity within us all, and its cutting edge technology….and its musical entertainers. This is Reggie Watts. He’s brilliant. A Franco-German-Brit Comedian/musician, his entertainment is the stand-up lyrical version of Joyce’s Finnegan’s… Read More

I Love Canadian Musicians

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It’s true. I have a love affair with Canadian musicians. As a matter of fact, I was recently sitting in the “adults only” wading pool along the Methow (that’s a river for those not in the know) with Canadian friends telling them… Read More

Methowlin’ At The Moon

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It’s hot, y’all. It’s more than hot: It’s elbow dripping, chronic sweat-stache, I-think-I’ll-just-hang-out-at-the-AC-controlled-bank-and-talk-about-my-savings-options-instead-of-doing-anything-else kind of hot. But what does this sweltering day have that tomorrow’s does not? Full moon, baby. That’s right, folks, it’s a full moon and it’s gonna be glorious.… Read More

A “Heat Wave” Of Rhythm & Blues!

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It’s not actually a heat wave here in the Methow Valley, not like what they’re experiencing in other parts of the country. Take my friend Little Rob (affectionate name that goes way back). He lives in NYC and recently posted on his… Read More

The Pandora Conundrum

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Let’s face it: We all like good music. And therein lies the problem. “Good music” is a rather subjective term. What some may deem to be “good music” may just be another persons description of hell. So many who dwell or work… Read More

Nathalie Miebach: Art From Science!

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Now let’s get one thing out in the open right now: I dig the hell out of TED Talks. For those of you not hip to them, TED (short for Technology, Entertainment, Design) is a non-profit organization that holds conferences all over… Read More

We All Garden For Food

The Dep & Tess Hoke of Local98856 are SUPER excited right now about their gardens. Tess is complimentary of Dep and The Dep accepts her compliments. Then, we reach the arc of this episode – “green manure.” Dep is excited to share… Read More

Dep & Tess Are Crazy About Mulch

We probably shouldn’t be surprised that The Dep & Tess Hoke of Local98856 are “nut-so” about mulch, but we are. Get these two together and mulch is like taking a bubble bath. Enjoy a luxurious episode of This Week In The Garden.

Dep Is Not Stupid About Chickens

Two surprises about this episode of This Week In The Garden: 1.) The Dep lived on a road called “Game Farm Road” and had all kinds of chickens, turkeys, phesants and even peafowl! 2.) Tess Hoke of Local98856 is caught off guard… Read More

Don’t Ever Be Discouraged!

Tess Hoke of Local98856 reminds The Dep that when we’re feeling overwhelmed about our gardens – Don’t! Just enjoy the fruits of your labor and everything you’ve done with it so far. We know, sounds a little “schmaltzy”, but it’s true. Listen on…

Din Mutha On KTRT!

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Heya, Rootsters! So guess what? Y’all gots a blogger now. I know, I know, it’s pretty exciting. I’m pretty jazzed about it, too. I’m Rose. Oh hai! On the derby track I’m known as “Brass Chuckles,” at home I’m known as “I’m… Read More