Fun & Games Or Bite Your Nails Episode 1

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The story is set in the Amazon Jungle. Big game hunter Sanger Rainsford is traveling on a yacht towards Rio de Janeiro, when, by mischance, he is swept overboard. Mustering his utmost strength, he reaches land, and eventually, a palace atop a rugged an foreboding cliffs. He is cordially received by General Zaroff, and can’t believe his good fortune when his host turns out to be a fellow hunting aficionado…


Music: “The Dueling Banjos” with the Limeliters; Ima Sumac performing “Chuncho” where she imitates the sounds of creatures you’d meet in the jungle; a lullabye with a British group, the Young’uns. Some of the sound effects are created by me, others borrowed from composer, arranger, and dedicated environmentalist Bernie Krause, from his album “Notes from the Wild, the nature recording expeditions of Bernie Krause.”