Blue Black Ink-stained Fingers

MAXINE: The Mystery Motel’s   very own Mister Nobacon has been dipping his metaphorical quill in the inkwell again.

MISTER ZARGASTERLEY:  I should say so Maxine. His latest from New York’s THE SILVER WEDDING ANNIVERSARY OF STATE AND CORPORATION  just published today:

carbon dioxide 400 parts per million (pictured)

carbon dioxide 400 parts per million (pictured)

MAXINE:  Did you actually use pen and ink when you were at school Edward?

MISTER ZARGASTERLY: Indeed so. I might ask did you learn cursive writing when you were at school?

MAXINE: I did but I believe it is a dying art these days and will be lost to our children in a generation or two.

MISTER ZARGASTERLEY:  Maybe we could partner up and lead workshops here at The Motel?

MAXINE: Stranger things have happened.

MISTER ZARGASTERLY: A Motel has to be er— shall we say … flexible these days.

MAXINE:  And we are flexible as a cursive ampersand here at The Mystery Motel.


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