June 2013

Fun & Games Or Bite Your Nails Episode 4

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Briefly about the author. Leiningen believes that intelligence, directed aright, can prove master of anything. This theory will be sorely tested in this show. Music: “Tarleton’s Resurrection” with guitarist Michael Partington (who has performed here several times) from his album “Song and… Read More

SeCRet LOCation #247

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For the past week or so I’ve been listening to more varied music in preparation for an upcoming show. This task has led me to bands I’ve never heard of (and wonder why), and to bands from long ago. Some of these… Read More

Fun & Games Or Bite Your Nails Episode 3

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We go from the public arena in a barbaric kingdom to the Spanish inquisition – auto da fe explained. Music: “Princess, Princess” by Johnny Tillotson; “Tiger” by Henry Cowell from “Irish Suite, Piano pieces.” selections by Spanish composers of the time (Narváez,… Read More

Fun & Games Or Bite Your Nails Episode 2

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Beware what you wish for! Should you trust the genie in the bottle? Guinerva, the pesky little sister of your program host sings, in the present time, Schubert’s “Die Forelle,” to accompaniment recorded in the 1990’s in Gudrun’s livingroom by pianist Brian… Read More

The SeCRet LOCation Is A Sham!

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Well maybe not, it is a rerun though, show #61 from the ’08 archives. I’ll be back live next week for more sleazy, punky, groove with greasy, drippin, hawt rhymes, with rock sauce spread over with some jam and a country alt… Read More

Fun & Games Or Bite Your Nails Episode 1

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The story is set in the Amazon Jungle. Big game hunter Sanger Rainsford is traveling on a yacht towards Rio de Janeiro, when, by mischance, he is swept overboard. Mustering his utmost strength, he reaches land, and eventually, a palace atop a rugged an… Read More

Spinning In The SeCRet LOCation

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  Savages new release “Silence Yourself” popularity has been making it hard to find in CD form. Playlist highlights, song-artist: Give Me One More Chance – Tea Leaf Green We Aren’t Done – Tea Leaf Green One Condition’s Enough – Tea Leaf… Read More

DanceLOVE ….

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  let your hair blow in the wind roll down your windows turn up the radio DANCE love..   tracks i really loved from today’s show ~ x. No Doubt – Settle Down (Baaur remix) o. Daft Punk  – Get Lucky  (feat.… Read More

Blue Black Ink-stained Fingers

MAXINE: The Mystery Motel’s   very own Mister Nobacon has been dipping his metaphorical quill in the inkwell again. MISTER ZARGASTERLEY:  I should say so Maxine. His latest from New York’s theweeklings.com THE SILVER WEDDING ANNIVERSARY OF STATE AND CORPORATION  just published… Read More