SeCRet LOCation Memorial Day Weekend!

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This weeks seCRet lOCation is dark, broody, with a bit of maturity, and screaming. Plus, The Doors are closing on the 60’s

Savages,  a noir noise post punk band from London, England. Formed in 2011, this all female band has garnered lots attention recently. Both for their driving noise punk sound and some interesting opinions on love, distraction, sex and their redefinition of feminism. The debut album is called Silence Yourself. My pick from this album, “Shut up“, has a great beat, haunted-noise-surfy guitar, desperate lyrics, and of course, a great video.
Don’t be distracted.

silence yourself


Featured tracks:

Shut Up
I Am Here
City’s Full
She Will
No Face
Hit Me

Vampire Weekend’s new release, Modern Vampires of the City, has veered off the tracks set by the first two VW albums. It sounds like the halcyon Ivy League days, colleges and girls have become a noticeably dimmed yet seemingly recent memory. The 30 something years, adulthood, maturity and experience await. Preppy pop roots still show through on the track, “Finger Back” (is that really a calliope?). A couple of listens and this album does grow on you. Gone, is instantly catchy eye candy of a beautiful coed but, the switchman knows, change of direction is good. After all, breaking into the charts at #1 is great scenery.


Featured tracks:

Diane Young
Everlasting Arms
Worship You
Finger Back

While not a big Yeah Yeahs Yeahs fan, I do have a couple of their albums. On the new release, Mosquito, Karen O. is still a banshee belter. She also has a soft side that can peek through the cracks between the shrieks, like in the track, “Always“.  My pick, “Sacrilege”, is notable for the gospel choir ending and a troubling backwards trending video. Recorded in Nor’Leans, this is the one YYY’s album I’ll play for awhile.


Featured songs:

Area 52

The Doors keyboardist and co-founder Ray Manzarek died this week at the age of 74.  Manzarek did double duty in The Doors, covering both keys and the bass line. The Doors would not have been the same band with out him. Check out some of my favorite tracks, “The Changeling“, “L.A. WomanAlabama Song” and “The End“, for some excellent examples  of his work.